Criminal Masterminds

The plotters behind Crime Central

Anne Cassidy
Anne Cassidy has been reading crime fiction for all her adult life. She’s been writing it for the past twenty years. Her first crime novel Big Girls' Shoes was published in 1991. She has written stand alone thrillers and murder mysteries as well as a detective series, The East End Murders. Anne was a bank worker, a teacher, then a writer. She lives in east London and spends time on the beaches of north Norfolk. She has oneson and two dogs and spends a lot of time thinking up dark stories for her books. Her next book is called Heart Burn and is published in Feb 2011.

Gillian Philip

Gillian Philip lives in the north of Scotland with her husband, nine-year-old twins, two dogs, two psycho cats, and four nervous fish. She loves writing crime but will write anything that comes into her head, including fantasy, science fiction, romance... Her books include Bad Faith, Crossing The Line, Firebrand and (for Hothouse Fiction) the Darke Academy teen horror series. Her next crime novel The Opposite of Amber will be published by Bloomsbury in April 2011. She has been writing all her life, but has also worked as a record store assistant, theatre usherette, barmaid, sales rep, political assistant, radio presenter, typesetter, and as a singer in an Irish bar in Barbados.

Linda Strachan
Linda Strachan has written over 50 books but it was when she was writing Spider  that she realised she was fascinated by the reasons and situations behind  any crime. Spider is out joyriding when things go wrong, and in  Dead Boy Talking , her second crime novel, Josh finds himself unexpectedly at the wrong end of a knife.
Linda  lives in southern Scotland and has been a model, a fashion buyer and a bacteriology lab technician. but never expected to a writer and now can't imagine doing anything else. She has driven a rally car, flown a small plane and loves to travel but she is always looking for difficult situations for her characters.

Keren David
Keren David worked as a journalist for many years, covering many crime stories and court cases. Her first two books When I Was Joe and Almost True are about a boy taken into police protection after he witnesses a murder. 'I'm fascinated by the big questions about justice and truth that the subject threw up,' she says. 'Writing about crime means writing about people in extreme and dramatic circumstances.'