Monday, 12 September 2011

Why I Love SPIRAL Anne Cassidy

SPIRAL is a French language TV cop drama. So far there have been three series. It was shown on BBC4 and gathered a cult audience. I love SPIRAL. Here are my reasons why:

1. The characters are believable. They have different aspects to their personalities. They can do good things for bad reasons and vice versa. I particularly like Laure, the female detective who has an explosive temper.
2. The plots are layered. There are a number of stories going on at one time, not all of them linked. They look at different aspects of the French law system.
3. The main crimes are violent and nasty and mean that I have to cover my eyes sometimes. I like this. Death and murder is violent and nasty and I want to feel uncomfortable watching it.
4. There is passion and sometimes love in the series. As in life it does not run smoothly.
5. There are parts of the series that are tremendously exciting. The end of series three was a race for time and I was moving around on my seat desperate for things to go right.

What more can you ask from an intelligent TV series?


  1. Thanks, Anne, looks like one to watch out for!

  2. Couldn't agree more. Add to your reasons:
    1) a wonderful insight into the French legal system from top to bottom. Very different procedures all round from the policing to the judiciary.
    2) Extremely fanciable men. I specially like the old white-haired Juge Ruban!
    3) Very attractive villainess WITH RED HAIR!
    It's completely ACE in every way. And I get to brush up on my French, too!

  3. caught up on this late with Series 3 and am now watching the rerun of Series 1. Agree with every word and the new prosecutor is very fanciable!