Sunday, 16 January 2011

Am I Capable of Murder? by Anne Cassidy

My first answer to this question? No, of course not.

I could never hurt anybody or any thing. OK an occasional wasp has felt my wrath but apart from that I am a peaceful person who believes in resolving problems with talk.

But if something happened to someone I love what would I do then?

A couple of years ago I was on a train sitting behind a woman of about my age talking about her son. He was in his twenties queuing up to get cash from a machine. He got into a row with someone else in the queue. That person went off and came back moments later with a knife. The young man was stabbed and died there and then on the pavement next to the cash machine.

I heard this story and immediately put myself in the woman’s position. I felt this crushing anguish inside me. If that had been my son, I thought, almost tearful. A feeling of rage rose up and for a second I thought, Yes, I would capable of murder.

But nothing like that has ever happened to me. I keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

Am I capable of murder? Possibly, maybe, who knows?

Anne Cassidy’s new book HEART BURN is published in Feb 2011

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