Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ten Things About THE KILLING Adele Geras

The Killing is being repeated on BBC4 and rightly so. Adele Geras picks out the things that she loved about it.

1) The emphasis is on the effects of the crime on the parents of the murdered young woman and on the police who investigate it as much as on the crime.

2) The interweaving of a story about politics not only adds some extra twists but gives viewers who don't know much about Denmark a kind of easy way into understanding the political systems there.

3) The sensational aspects of the story are not dwelled on in a gratuitous way but dealt with very matter-of-factly.

4) Even in translation, the script is a good one.

5) Sophie Grabol as Sarah Lund is a star. No make up, that dreadful scratchy jumper and she is beautiful as well as clever, driven, haunted etc.

6 ) Her sidekick is terrific. Every detective needs a sidekick and he's one of the best.

7) All the politicians are potentially crooked which makes the political bits great fun.

8) Troels (and you learn how to say it properly by the end of 20 episodes) shouldn't really be dead fanciable but he is.

9) Nanna's parents are the best characters in the whole series. It's wonderful to watch their relationship develop.

10) Even if you emerge after 20 episodes with a whole lot of unanswered questions relating to the workings of the plot it's still the most exciting, twisty-turny, three-dimensional, brilliant crime series you'll see for ages. Only SPIRAL can compete.

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  1. Am I allowed to put a comment on the end of my own post? Hope so. When I say that only SPIRAL can compete, I meant: in Europe. Of course things like the SOPRANOS and THE SHIELD from the USA can compete and even outshine! Esp the SOPRANOS which for my money is the Shakespeare of all drama series.

  2. Oh Heavens above...I've not mentioned the WIRE which is outstanding outstanding and may be up there with the Sopranos. It's a mug's game, this comparison. Watch all of them....