Monday, 30 May 2011

EGA interviews...Anne Cassidy

The reading group from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School interviewed Anne Cassidy. We ran the first half last are the rest of their searching questions.

Award-winning author Anne
12.  What inspired you to write Looking for JJ?

I was shocked and horrified at reports of two child murders in this country over the last forty years. The killing of James Bulger by two ten year old boys and the case of Mary Bell, a ten year old girl who killed two small children.

13.  Out of all your books, which was the most difficult to complete?

None. The most difficult bit is always the middle. That’s where it becomes complicated and you have bad days and wonder why you ever started it!

14.  Do you relate a lot to your main characters?

There is always some of me in the main character of my book. This is how I am able to write them convincingly. Even JJ’s temper tantrums came from times when I remembered exploding as a child.

The girls from EGA
17.  Which book did you enjoy writing most?         

I enjoy them all. Really. No lie. It’s much easier work than being a teacher.

18.  Do you think your books help people who are going through the same things your characters face?

I don’t know. I just try and tell a good story. If my books change the way people look at something then that’s a bonus.

19.  Who are some authors that you admire?

Some adult crime writers I admire are  Kate Atkinson, Ian Rankin and CJ Sansom.

20.  Do you take characteristics from your friends and family and incorporate them into your books?

Yes, I do. There is often a well dressed older lady in my books with smart hair. This is my mum.  There is always someone who supports West Ham. This is because my husband loves West Ham.

21.  Does it take very long to finish a book?

It takes me six months to write a book.

22.  Are you currently writing a book? If yes, when does it come out?

I’ve just finished a book called DEAD TIME which is the first of a series called THE MURDER NOTEBOOKS. This comes out in May 2012.

23.  Do you think your books are suitable for all audiences?

Books find their own audience. If a very young reader picks up one of my books she or he will simply not be able to get into it. If a reader is too old they will not engage with it.

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