Sunday 20 February 2011

It's a CRIME what they're doing to LIBRARIES Keren David

More than 350 public libraries are threatened with closure across the UK.
Some school libraries - or Learning Resource Centres as they’re now called - are just for computers. There are no books on the shelves, no school librarian to promote reading.

I think this is a CRIME. Politicians may argue about why the cuts are happening, or who is to blame, they may say that other services are more important. But that ignores the unique role a library plays in a community.

Shutting a library STRANGLES opportunity. In a library everyone has the same access to books and knowledge, no matter what their background.

Shutting a library STEALS books from people. There are so many writers that I’d never have come across had it not been for the great choice available at my local library. If those writers don’t have libraries to buy and promote their books, then even more power is handed to booksellers. It could lead to a publishing industry which only sells the books it thinks are surefire bestsellers. So, vampires, vampires and more vampires.

Shutting a library DISTURBS the PEACE. Looking for a quiet place to work? You might not find it at home or in a café. You will find it in a library.

Shutting a library is an ASSAULT on the community. All sorts of groups meet in a library, communicate through its noticeboard, use it as a place to spend time. Shut the library, KILL the community.

There are alternatives to shutting libraries. Haringey Council says that far from closing its libraries, it may expand them, making them centres for lots of new activities, from fitness clubs and community choirs, to places where people can pay council tax.

And it maybe those councils which close libraries are acting UNLAWFULLY. Under the 1964 Museum and Public Libraries Act, councils have to “provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons desiring to make use thereof”. So councillors rushing to shut our libraries down, watch out. You may have to answer for yourself in court.

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  1. Oh, oh, oh, I so have to agree. Those who want to close libraries are apparently also unaware that they are cheaper than mental health and juvenile detention facilities - and do much to prevent the use of both.
    Good luck up there!