Tuesday 22 February 2011

Some TV Detectives I like Anne Cassidy

He is a grumpy older man who drives a red Jaguar and listens to opera. He works in and around Oxford and likes to do cryptic crosswords. He thinks about solving crimes over a pint of ale. The programmes are slow and this is the beauty of it. You get a chance to really try and guess who the murderer is. There are also lots of red herrings, details put there to mislead the viewer. I am always surprised when Morse reveals the murderer.

DCI Jane Tennison is a wonderful character and the series itself is terrific. Jane Tennison is a woman in a man’s world. She is boss of the murder squad and the men in it are constantly complaining about her. She has her own way of doing things and they don’t like it. The crimes are serious and multiple and the series always has gruesome twists and turns.

Sarah Lund is the female detective in this Danish series currently on BBC4. Sarah Lund is quiet but hard nosed. She is leaving her job to move to a different country but the dreadful murder of a teenage girl stops her and she investigates it with cool authority. I write this while the series is only half way through but it is riveting. I have no idea who the murderer is. And the jumper that Sarah Lund wears through most of the episodes has become a must have item!!


  1. Definitely Inspector Morse! (Do not know the other two.) My father asked me to ask whether anyone could remember Maigret? I said I thought you might all be too young for that!

  2. I remember Maigret! I also remember Fabian of the Yard (Scotland Yard, that is). My uncle was a detective in the Met at the same time; his name was "Fingers" as he was missing two digits. Mary Hooper

  3. I agree with all your fave detectives and I would add the SWEDISH Wallander...not the fair fat one but the slightly older thinnish one who looks deeply troubled. Sarah Lund is great and I also adore Laure from SPIRAL which will be on our screens again soon I wish. I part company with you over those jumpers in The Killing though. Not to my taste at all....